“We who stalk the mysteries and ride the wild rumours of who we are and what we might become… we be of the one blood.”
— Don McFarland: The Benedictions of Pan

About Brendan Allen

As with so many of the good things in life, my introduction to Body Harmony came from connections.

A friend recommended I try a session, and for once, despite my usual stubbornness and ‘independence’, I agreed.

The first Body Harmony session I had was with Duncan Hogg, and it was a completely new experience. I didn’t know what to make of it. I distinctly remember the unusual sensation of him gently working with my belly and feeling as though his hand was actually inside my body, directly on my organs.

At that point in my life I was not as aware of my body as I thought I was. I was great at forcing my body to do things, but this was different. The session really made me wonder ‘What is this? It seems to feel nice but what is this?’. Since then I have had many sessions with Duncan and his wife Gina Carruthers and I would recommend them to anyone. Both are great bodyworkers and Body Harmony teachers. You can find out more about them here: healthinperspective.org

My first Body Harmony class was with Meredith Dolan in Merimbula, NSW, and that was when Body Harmony first really blew my mind.

There is so much in a touch. I had been blessed with the kindness and love of my mother’s touch, the hugs of family and friends, and later in life had known the touch of a lover. But it had never occurred to me there was so much more to be discovered.

There are whole worlds of touch. That class with Meredith opened my eyes and my exploration of what Body Harmony can do has continued ever since. You can get in touch with Meredith and find out more by visiting her site: www.naturaltherapypages.com.au/connect/meredithdolan/about_us/about. It could change your life for the better!

I was certified as a Body Harmony Practitioner in 2005 and then continued to train, practice and expand my experience of the application of this wonderful approach to bodywork. In 2012 I was certified as an International Body Harmony Teacher at the International Body Harmony Conference in Spain. I maintain my certification by regularly updating my Body Harmony skills at the latest courses and I am a member of the Body Harmony Association Incorporated.

I am inspired by the results of Body Harmony in my own life and have a deepening respect for the wisdom of our bodies and their capacity for transformation. I enjoy discovering with my senses what lies beyond concepts of what is and what is possible. It is an honour helping others do the same.

I am also an environmental scientist, west coast swing dancer, meditator and ice cream aficionado.