What’s Happening? Get in Touch

If you would like to contact me about Body Harmony sessions or workshops you can either send me an email: brendan@enjoybodyharmony.com or call me on 0404 334872.

A couple of times a year I offer Body Harmony sessions to raise funds for charity. If you would like to be notified when I am offering sessions in exchange for tax-deductible donations to specific charities, contact me and ask to be put on the mailing list. I will not give, sell or exchange your information with anyone.

I am keen to support an active community of Body Harmony practitioners. A community which gathers and supports each others’ interest and improvement has multiple benefits for all involved. It is natural that such a community can also be supported and enhanced by formal training. To that end I am available for teaching sessions and I also sometimes assist with teaching the Body Harmony workshops offered by the Canberra Body Harmony School.


“Of course, our bodies were biochemically alive and functioned in their usual way. But this experience was more than that. I could actually taste life like a fruit. When I breathed, I wasn’t just taking in oxygen, I felt as if I were inhaling life itself. I had, for a little, woken up and become aware of a miracle.”
— Louis Heyse-Moore: The Case of the Disappearing Cancer