From the 2014 International Body Harmony Conference flyer:

‘Body Harmony® has a 28 year history now and was founded by Dr Don McFarland from Santa Monica, California. Don McFarland, along with being a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic has studied over 60 different manual therapy systems over the course of a career spanning well over five decades. The synthesis of his findings is the practice known as Body Harmony®.’

Body Harmony® has been practiced and taught around the world since the mid 1980s and continues to develop and expand as new healing technologies arise. It encompasses the expertise and inspirations of a growing body of professionals who make up the International Body Harmony Guild.

Don has written two books relating to Body Harmony, sharing some some of his immense bodywork experience:

“On occasion the machinery cracks. We bump into a moon unexpected full and remember the days of enchantment, and chuckle in memory of what might have been. Possibly to cover the incipient sob that threatens to surface whenever the moon is full, yet whatever the price, we’ve learned to keep our dreams undercover and out of sight.”
— Don McFarland: The Benedictions of Pan