“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
— Shakespeare: Hamlet

Welcome to Enjoy Body Harmony.com

Your body is a treasure chest of practical wisdom, joy and tools for transformation. A deep well of secrets and solutions unique to you.

These resources are right under your nose. In fact, they include your nose… and Body Harmony® can help you access them.

Whether it be sore muscles and joints, stress, recovering from illness, becoming who you want to be or spiritual crisis; my experience is that Body Harmony can often help.

This website is intended to provide a contact point for people seeking information about me (Brendan Allen), my Body Harmony activities and a bit of general information about Body Harmony.

For an explanation of ‘What is Body Harmony?’ I suggest go here. For history such as where does it come from go here.

For information about me and my background go here.

For information about Body Harmony sessions, my activities (such as sessions for charity) and Body Harmony Classes go here.

“…consider this your invitation to walk a ways and, if you dare, to reconnect with some forgotten wonders you may have dropped off just the other side of a misplaced dream. You will find on this journey a body that functions evermore gloriously is the barest beginnings of the trip.”
— Don McFarland: Body Secrets